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shopfreebies is a bridge shopping platform. We seek around and find the promising brands and products, showcase them on shopfreebies.deals and find them product testers. Our users can try their favorite products at zero cost by purchasing, reviewing and getting refund.

shopfreebies's commission is to help people find good stuff, save money and in return delivering fair and comprehensive trial reports to the sellers. We don't charge fees, you can't beat that!

How Does shopfreebies Work?

Simple. Because shopfreebies is running a program that is supported by both the brands and the buyers.

Everyday many and many of new products are launched on Amazon and they are working extremely hard to gain the early users. With this program, their products

get exposed to the users, the shopfreebies members, who will give them valuable feedback on the products. Therefore, Brand Companies find the future

development of new products. In return, they reward the users with up to .

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